Budding Friendships is a free indie fan-game inspired by the new, hit show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and the Harvest Moon series. Our goal is to create a game that focuses more on the characters and day-to-day feeling found in the show.

You play as Amber, a pony on a quest to find her cutie mark. With help from the denizens of Ponyville, you adopt a dilapidated farm outside of Ponyville to help find your cutie mark. During your time in Ponyville, you will interact with the many personalities that make up the eccentric town, ranging from the quiet and studious Twilight Sparkle, to the pink party pony pandemonium: Pinkie Pie.

In addition to the major characters from the show, many other ponies make up Ponyville, such as the flower trio: Daisy, Lily, and Rose; the spa twins: Aloe and Lotus, school teacher Cheerilee, and amateur gardener Carrot Top. Each has a story to share and the game currently boasts a roster of more than 50 ponies.

How you go about living life in Ponyville and what you do will determine what your hidden talent may be.

We are in no way affiliated with Hasbro. We make this solely out of love of the show.