Core Team - "Bosshorse Games"

When the game was first being developed, a tight-knit group emerged that spurred on development and put the game on the map. Although various reasons have split the initial group up, without these people Budding Friendships would never exist.


Director / Lead Programmer

I have been programming for only a couple years now, and have always dreamed of making a game someday. Ever since I've began working on Budding Friendships, I have been living the dream of both creating and leading a development team, and programming my own game mostly from scratch. It is an ambitious project, and we'll need all sorts of talent to make this game a reality. There is still a lot of ground yet to cover, but with our fantastic team I wholly believe we can do it.


Character Artist

Though I don't have any sort of previous official projects or any real landmark creations, I've had several years of pixel art experience from various things I've created in a few different mediums. I started with some basic pixel art work and then refined my skills years later working in Minecraft, creating in 3D. I suppose my ultimate goal is to continually improve myself. I love creating any sort of pixel art, and I love building my skills with it as I do so. Thus I've taken on the challenge of being a character artist for this game, which is entirely new for me. My ultimate goal in doing so? I suppose that would be to create something like the Desktop ponies that new games can use as a resource. I hope to create a quality similar to the show's fantastic animation, and hopefully with my work here and what the game can accomplish, help the community as a whole.


Environment Artist / Graphics Monkey

I’ve been involved with spritework since around 2006, and more recently I made a texture pack for Minecraft which is now outdated sadly. I joined the Brony fandom near the end of season one, and soon after I joined this project. One thing led to another and I found my niche making the buildings and general environment items. Ponyville is incredibly detailed, along with every locale withing the show and replicating them won’t be easy, but I look forward to the challenge.

Senator Myth


I'm Senator Myth, a completely self-taught musician. I started playing the guitar about four years ago with nothing but a chord sheet and the internet as a reference. Since then, I've steeped myself in music theory and also learned to play the bass guitar, the mandolin, and the keyboard. Less than a year ago I started composing music on the computer, which was and continues to be immensely challenging. I've met a lot of cool and talented people through the Brony music community, and now I want to make my own contribution to our fandom as a whole while sharpening my composition skills.

Terminal Hunter


I’ve been found doing a little bit of everything from creative direction to code monkeying on a variety of games for the past 3 years. It’s just my luck that two of my interests have collided head-on and require my services as a writer and storyteller, to which I will happily oblige. This project is of particular interest to me because of the challenges of writing within the constraints of a specific mythos and set of game mechanics and I hope to see this project turn into a significant contribution to the Brony community.

Supporting Team

These people help alongside and contribute regularly. While they are not as dedicated as the core team, their contributions go a long way.



I've been programming for about 5 years and I especially love game programming. I became a brony around the end of the first season and have since then added ponies to everything I do. Recently I've made some pony games for Android and I joined this project because I wanted to work on something bigger with about 20% more pony.


These people have helped us in a small, but very important, ways. It would be a crime to not give credit where credit is due.


The original person that posted the Ponychan thread which kickstarted a chain reaction of getting everyone together, and therefore allowing us to get where we are in the first place.


Responsible for crafting the backbone of important websites as My Little Remix and Celestia Radio, PHPony was kind enough to lend his talents to the creation and design of our website.

Jack Bread

Our first spriter who unfortunately had to leave the project due to personal reasons. We wouldn't have had anything to show during our early days without him.