Last updated: 5/26/2013

What is this game about?

Read our About page for more information.

Will it be free?


How are you making it?

It is being written in C++ using the SFML graphics library. We wrote the game engine from scratch to provide more flexibility to what we can create.

Will it come out on Mac/Linux/Mobile/Toasters?

The answer is maybe. Right now we're developing for Windows and we've ported to Linux, but it might possible to port over to Mac and whatever else you can think of. However, there are no plans at this time to make any additional ports.

Is the game open source?

Stay tuned.

Can I help?

Stay tuned.

Can you include my original character?

No. It takes a lot of work and writing just to add a single character. While we could add a bunch of original characters to the game, the workload to include them in any meaningful way would quickly spiral out of control. We want to remain as faithful to the show as possible, so we're sticking with characters who've appeared in the show (with the exclusion of Amber).

Can I get married?

No. The player will not be able to romance any character. While we draw inspiration from Harvest Moon, this game is not a ponified version of Harvest Moon. Marriage was one of the goals of the original Harvest Moon series, but we feel that the idea of romance doesn't fit into the game. Romance also doesn't fit with the core themes that the show presents, namely friendship.

You can, however, become friends with every pony in the game and they, in turn, will give help and advice towards Amber's eventual goal of earning a cutie mark.

Can I be a unicorn or a pegasus?

No. The player plays as Amber, who is specifically an earth pony.

Can I ask a question?

Sure! Head on over to our contact page and send us your question via e-mail.