Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Progress Report and Conventions

Sorry for the lack of updates, but we've been hard at work. We have a bit to show off as well as some news for upcoming conventions we'll be attending.


We have been working hard on Budding Friendships since we first posted here. It's nothing as exciting as the Ponyville walk through as we've been focusing our efforts on the farm and basic game mechanics, such as the HUD and inventory screen.

This video demonstrates both the inventory and farm functionality. The farm is still at its bare bones, with a lot of things missing like the variety of game play options or animations. It is possible to plant, tend, and harvest crops.

The other key thing in the video is the inventory screen. When opening the inventory, the player plays a quick animation of opening her bag as it slides open. Fully opened, you can navigate around it, and whichever item is selected becomes your currently selected item. When closing, the reverse happens, the screen slides out and the player closes her bag.

This video demonstrates a short walk to Ponyville. Much of the area is still under construction so a lot of details are missing and many things are subject to change, but the point is to show the seamless transitions from one map to another.


We're looking to go to pony conventions and show off our game in-person. So far, we will be attending two: BUCK and Midwestria. We will announce later what we will be presenting at the conventions.

Brony UK Convention (B.U.C.K.)

Attendee: Raptor
Date: August 18-19 


Attendees: Myth, Jadke, Jaguar
Date: September 14-16


  1. I know this is a super late comment, but...
    There are a lot of pony games that I'm watching, and this is probably the one I'm most excited for. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: the music is *amazing*, and even though I've never played a Harvest Moon game, the concept sounds quite interesting. Keep up the good work!

  2. I might be interested in this, but only if:

    1. You're not only developing for Windows.
    2. You're not using DirectX. (Granted, if you're using DirectX, you're only developing for Windows.)

    I am a C++ programmer familiar with Git and, to a lesser extent, svn, but I am only interested in cross-platform SDL/OpenGL game development.