Monday, September 17, 2012

Midwestria Followup!

Thanks to everyone who saw our panel at 8:30 on Friday, and who tried our demo on Saturday in the gaming room!

We appreciate feedback, criticism and ideas, which is why letting as many people see the game as possible was so helpful for us. Also, it was a ton of fun meeting fans and bronies who are potentially interested in what we're doing.

It doesn't have to stop here, we're still totally interested in player suggestions. Just remember you can reach all of our team at . If you prefer a forum format, there's a public forum we've created you'll be able to use, too.

The things that we could gather from those who played the game that seemed universally desired:
  • Progression, or a marked way of knowing your accomplishments or achievements through the game
  • Harvest Sprites, with a few interesting suggestions on how to incorporate them
  • Character customization is always suggested, but it was one of the biggest things people requested when playing our game, so we'll take note of that
  • Pets - especially unique and interesting pets like the "May the Best Pet Win" episode
  • House upgrades and furniture - fortunately this is already planned!
  • Dialogue speed - will definitely be revised
Also, I'd like to give my personal thanks to those who made the event fun and awesome, especially the vendors and those who spent a large amount of time in the gaming room, like myself!

Cheers from Budding Friendships!
Jaguar - Programmer        Jadke - Artist        TerminalHunter - Writer

Terminalhunter's Edit:

Jadke, what did I tell you about Valve time? It affords us the ability to be late if we want to. Posting early negates any benefits we get from declaring Valve time!

Heck, I was still trying to upload the video of our panel while you were making this post. You've jumped the gun, Jadke...

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