Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Welcome and First Video

Welcome to the new Budding Friendships development blog. We will be keen to post updates from herein out as well as interact more for community input. The past couple of months, we have been internally shuffling around and only recently got ourselves straight. And since, we've been working our hardest to get a video out to show we are still alive and doing our best.

This is still a very early stage of Ponyville, and a lot of things are subject to change. However the overall layout will remain the same. There are around 40 ponies that will make up Ponyville (and the surrounding land), which we will slowly reveal as time goes on.

We promise to do our best to keep you guys updated to our latest developments, and look forward to hearing your input.


  1. Im a huuuuge HM fan, I'm liking this!

  2. I know this isn't the final version and things will change, but if you don't mind hearing suggestions: Could you make the sound of the letters in the dialogue appearing a little softer? I think they're a bit too loud.

    Also, the color palette is gorgeous, but the colors are similar enough (they're all fairly warm) that the characters themselves don't stand out, especially the player character. I don't know if the objects should stand out too. Anyway, as it is, all the elements sort of blame together, and it gets a little tiring on the eyes after a while.

    I think you're doing an excellent job! The walking animation, the font and message box of the dialogues and the design of the characters and everything else seen in the video are gorgeous and very smooth! I like it!

    Also, sorry if this appears more than once! I'm still struggling with how OpenID commenting works.

  3. This looks great! Rtydmartel pretty much summed everything up.

    But I do wonder if you guys are going to work on face images for the ponies in the Beta? I have grown used to it ever since FOMT.

    Anyway looking forward to this game! now to get back to Tale of Two Towns! <3